Eric and I celebrated our 13th anniversary in October and we couldn't be happier! We just LOVE our new house. Usually, Eric turns into Scrooge when it comes to decorating the outside of the house with lights for Christmas. Well, this year - and I quote him - "I had fun decorating this year!" And he even dropped $75 in new lights. I wanted the icicle lights on the new house, so he got enough of those to cover across the entire front of the house. Then, he brought lots more to cover the bushes, etc. So... most of you know, we always get a real tree. We go to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. Two of the things we love most about this - is the shaker thing they put the trees on to shake out all the loose needles - AND the stand. The stand is a little post and the people at the farm drill a hole in the trunk of the tree - so all you have to do is pluck the tree on the stand. Badda bing, it's done, right. Well... I have my new big house and I wanted a new big tree to go in it. So, we picked out a tree that is 7 feet tall and 8 1/2 feet in diameter!!! It is the biggest tree I've ever seen. It is SO FUNNY! If you look on Harlee's page, and go to the cheerleading page, you'll see a picture with her in front of it. I'm going to have to take one of Eric laying in front of it before we take it down. But these two things that we love turned out to be completely pointless with this tree.. (1) the shaker.. they put this tree on the shaker and it just kind of goes... bugga bugga bugga - so I have needles all over the place (2) we had to get out the power tools when we got home to get this tree up. And even now, it's set up against the wall because it is just too big for the stand to hold it. I'm not sure I will go with something this big in years to come, but it sure is beautiful now!!